So in following on from the last couple of posts on the ’12 lean & healthy habits checklist’, I’ve made up a little nutrition cheat sheet for you guys to keep with you and help you dial in your nutrition, remember making changes to your body composition, health and fitness comes down to making changes to your DAILY HABITS.

Its a pretty cool little folded card, about the size of a mobile phone. (picure below is not actual size)




If you want to read the habits then you have to download the PDF and print it out… 😛

then just fold it and pop it in your pocket, wallet, office desk, dashboard of your car, stick it on your fridge, or even better do all of the above for a constant reminder.

I’d keep it in your pocket and read it every morning, lunchtime and evening for a few weeks, this might seem really simple, but it will be effective in changing your thoughts, and behaviours in regards to food.

Might seem over the top but if that’s what is necessary to drum it in to your subconcious then do it, in reality it’s probably the most important things you could ever do (whats more imporant than your health?), and will have a flow on affect and improve everything else in your life.

and feel free to print it out and give it to a friend, your mum, dad, brother, sister, or work colleague who struggles with their eating and might benefit from adopting these habits.

Remember we ALL have habits right now – things we just do automatically as part of our daily routine, to change these habits we need to conciously break this cycle for 21 days till the new habit becomes automatic. It might be hard, it might be surprisingly easy too, but it’s definately do-able no matter your situation you just have to have enough desire to change, here’s a very relevant quote I posted on our facebook page recently.



So download the ‘5 Habits Cheat Sheet’ by RIGHT CLICKING the blue link below and ‘SAVE AS’ to your computer. Hope it helps!


Right Click and ‘Save As’ to your computer

The Fit Stop – 5 Habits Cheat Sheet