Finding a Fitness Trainer in St Kilda: The Perfect Match

When it comes to finding a fitness trainer in the St Kilda area, there are more than enough options to find the perfect match for you. With so many options to choose from, it can get a little difficult to separate the “great” from the “just okay”. But vetting personal trainers doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Check out this list of 3 questions to ask your potential trainers to find out if they’re a good match for helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Are Sessions Purchased Individually or as a Package?

Every fitness trainer has a different method of scheduling his or her sessions. Some prefer to schedule sessions weeks in advance, while others will allow you to schedule individual sessions. If you’ve never worked with a fitness trainer before, go with a trainer that can work with you on your schedule.

What are Your Credentials?

Though it should be a no brainer, many of those who are new to personal fitness often forget to ask the most important question of all! All fitness trainers in the St Kilda area must be properly licensed, so don’t get fooled by a would-be trainer with no actual experience!

Would any Current Clients Provide a Reference?

Even if you’re a trainers first ever client, they should always be able to provide a reference to confirm that they keep appointments, use safe methods, and won’t push you too hard. Talking to a former or current client of theirs can help you decide if their training regimen is right for you.

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