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St Kilda Bootcamp Style Sessions, GUARANTEED To Help You Lose Weight, Tone Up & Get You Better Results Than Any Other Bootcamp in St Kilda


From: Ben Longley
The Fit Stop – Group Fitness Training St Kilda
240 Inkerman St, St Kilda East



Dear St Kilda East Neighbour,

If you’re sick and tired of feeing overweight, unhealthy and out of shape, and know you need to start exercising to turn things around, then keep reading this page to find out how our St Kilda East Group Training Program can help you.

Our group training sessions are unique and ‘one of a kind’, here’s a few reasons why…

  • You’ll Train in Smaller Groups (so you won’t get lost in the crowd)
  • Individualized Coaching (which you won’t get with other Big Bootcamps)
  • High Level Supervision to Ensure CORRECT Training Technique (you can’t train hard for weight loss if you’re injured!)
  • Big Indoor Studio (no rain, cold weather, or wet grass to deal with)
  • All The Equipment You Need For An Effective & Safe Full Body Workout (coz running and push ups gets boring very quickly)
  • Fun, Effective, Training Sessions With Plenty of Variety (to keep you motivated)
  • Nutrition Plan, Personal Guidance & Support ?(otherwise you’re wasting you’re time, you simply don’t get this with other Bootcamps)

Cry babyFair Warning: You don’t have to be a natural athlete or blessed with great genetics to get fat loss and body transforming results, BUT if you can’t be someone who takes action, with a can-do, success oriented mindset and instead will settle on whining, complaining and trying to bring others down with you then our St Kilda East group training program is not for you. If however, you are ready to get great results which you truly have the desire to achieve then we would love to help you, and we are 100% certain that you will succeed.

Our group training sessions are not the cheapest in town, but you wouldn’t expect to pay the cheapest rate for the best quality would you? Your body and health is literally your most important asset, and deserves to be taken care of and invested in. The truth is, most Bootcamps don’t get their members good results, and if you’re window shopping for the cheapest Bootcamp or group training in St Kilda, then our program is not for you.

But if you’re serious about losing weight, toning up and getting into the best shape of your life, and don’t want to waste your time learning the hard way about what it takes to get the results you want, and most importantly you’re willing to TAKE ACTION – then we would love to help you and we GUARANTEE to show you exactly how to get there


Click the button below, to register for a complimentary, no obligation 1-on-1 consultation and assessment.

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I will personally give you a thorough rundown of what to expect, and what you need to do to get the results you want PLUS I’ll take you through a physical assessment to ensure we both know your individual limitations and what exercises you need to avoid or work to improve.

Just take a look at some of our clients’ results…

“I have lost about 9 kilograms of Body fat”

Angel M Before & After“I walked past the St Kilda personal training studio for 2 years, and it wasn’t until I was recommended by a friend that I plucked up the courage to make an appointment. Since then I have been hooked! Before my training I carried far too much weight especially around the middle, felt sluggish and had very poor eating habits. I have lost about 9 kilograms of body fat, have so much more energy and am no longer a couch potato! I have exercised and dieted many times over the years so I was skeptical to begin with, but after seeing my results and Bens commitment to my goals this continually motivates me.”

Angela M
Senior manager
St Kilda


“I’ve lost over 14kg and feel fantastic”

Before I began personal training at The Fit Stop I was embarrassed about letting myself get so big, and felt I was in a spiral and I needed help getting out of it. I knew that going to the gym on my own was not going to get me the results I wanted.

Since starting on my weight loss journey I’ve lost over 14kg, I feel fantastic..stronger, more confidence, and a new self belief that I can control my weight and lose more weight when I put my mind to it.

I recently went on a snowboarding trip and felt better than ever being so much fitter and lighter!

Liz Smith
St Kilda East


“I have lost 7kgs!”

Ella Patton Before & After“Thanks to the training I have been doing I have lost 7kgs and nearly dropped all the weight I put on when I had my baby! I didn’t know whether I would be able to do it as I see so many other mums never get back to the shape they used to be after gaining pregnancy weight ? and because my baby was so big it really messed around with my body making it very hard at first. I have gotten so much stronger, my back pain has cleared up, and I am so happy with the results I have gotten!”

Ella Patton
Stay at home mum
St Kilda



“I have lost about 7kgs of fat and Replaced it with muscle!”

Stuart Machim Before & After“Due to my very busy work schedule I let myself get out of shape, and all the attempts I made at trying to lose weight and tone up my muscles seemed to be getting me nowhere. Since starting personal training and changing my eating habits I would say I have lost about 7kgs of fat all up and replaced it with some much better looking muscle! I look and feel so much better now and am dedicated to improving and getting even better results from here.”

Stuart Machim
St. Kilda, Melbourne


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Ben Longley
The Fit Stop Group Training
240 Inkerman St, St Kilda East