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Now there is a fitness center in the Melbourne area that can truly deliver the results they advertise – and our Prahran gym has those fitness programs!

If you’ve gotten fed up with those other Prahran gyms that guarantee results but only deliver empty promises, then we’ve got a pleasant surprise for you. Now you can enroll at a fitness center here in the Melbourne area that employs only the most dedicated and knowledgeable personal trainers that you can find anywhere. We know because when we developed and implemented our programs, we handpicked and hired only the best in the industry.

One of the things most of us here at our Prahran gym learned from the discouraging and frustrating experiences we encountered in the past. In other words, it’s a case of “been there, done that”, so we know what you have been encountering in the past when you have tried to get fit and healthy at some other fitness center here in the Melbourne area. One of the things we learned was that those other facilities rarely employ qualified fitness trainers who can help you achieve your goals.

See if this sounds familiar. You signed up at one of those other Prahran gyms and were assigned to some clipboard toting flunky, not a qualified fitness trainer. They only cared about 1 thing – selling more memberships and taking home a paycheck! Once that so-called trainer had your money, they parked you on some boring and torturous piece of exercise equipment, and then they left you completely unattended and unsupervised as if you knew exactly what to do in order to lose weight. So what did you do?

You got discouraged and gave up – YOU QUIT!

We hear it everyday when new members sign up at our Prahran gym. They were subjected to a so-called trainer that had no clue about fitness training and never realized their goals. Granted, you might have achieved some results at one of those other Melbourne area fitness centers. The problem was, those results were only temporary and you wound up gaining all the weight back that you lost – maybe even more. And that is a common occurrence in the industry today. Why is that you ask?

Because an unqualified and unskilled “fitness trainer” can only teach you how to grind out your routine on some exercise machine or treadmill. They don’t know how to prescribe the right combination of diet and exercise which will enable their clients to lose the weight and achieve their goals. So whatever results they do see are only temporary at best. The fitness trainers that we employ here at our Prahran gym not only guide you through your workout routines, but they teach you how to maintain your new lifestyle and keep the weight off permanently.




The choice is up to you. You can sit there doing nothing like you have been. Or you can take action by investing in your fitness and health TODAY!

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