Personal Training In Elsternwick

ATTENTION: Local residents who are looking for Personal Training in Elsternwick…

Avoid Making The Same Mistakes So Many Other People Make If You Are After Real Results And Want To Make Real Changes To Your Body

It is no secret that if you just pick any personal trainer in Elsternwick (or anywhere else for that matter) just off the internet it can be a huge gamble.

Many personal trainers are just not properly qualified and/ or experienced enough and therefore fail to get their clients results, or even worse teach poor training technique and inappropriate training methods which can do more harm than good.

Our PT studio is just 5 mins up the road in St Kilda East, and we specialise in helping regular, everyday people lose weight, get strong, move better and feel better.

If you’ve struggled to get results in the past either on your own, with an Elsternwick personal trainer or even a Brighton Personal Trainer – I guarantee you are making at least one of these mistakes.

  1. Not exercising at all (pretty obvious)
  2. Eating too much of the wrong foods (Okay the first two obvious ones out of the way)
  3. Slaving away with hours of boring, mind numbing cardio
  4. Not doing any strength training to save (& increase) your calorie burning muscle
  5. You haven’t been through a functional movement assessment to ensure your body is ready to train hard and get the most out of your sessions for long term improvement and progress. (if you have constant injuries & niggles this is very important!)
  6. You haven’t been shown & honed in proper training technique (This is why you need an assessment from someone who knows what they are doing, sometimes you can’t keep proper form if you have a muscle imbalance or postural issues restricting the way you move)
  7. Trying extreme quick fix diets that will ruin your metabolism and lead to a worse body in the long run
  8. Doing sit ups to try and burn your belly fat
  9. Following “one size fits all’ workouts that are not made for YOU
  10. Just cutting calories without exercise only to be still not satisfied with the way you look.
  11. Obsessed with your weight on the scales and not what that weight actually consists of
  12. Just trying to eat less calories without taking in to account what you are actually eating in terms of food quality and health.

I could go on and on….

Here at The Fit Stop, we offer both 1-on-1 personal training and small group PT for those who want to:

  • Lose body fat
  • Increase Lean muscle & get stronger
  • Learn the correct training technique and how to exercise safely (especially important if you sit at a desk all day)
  • Educate themselves on what, when and how to eat
  • Learn what it takes to make long term progress in a realistic & sensible way

If you live or work in or near St Kilda East,  Elsternwick, or Elwood and want to learn more about our personal training & group training options then scroll to the top of the page and fill out the registration form, or call us on 1800 024 994..