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The Fit Stop – Personal Training / Small Group Training
240 Inkerman St, St Kilda East

Dear St Kilda Resident,

Are you looking for a personal trainer in St Kilda to help you lose weight, get strong, move better and feel better?

Here at The Fit Stop we provide the most effective training programs & coaching designed to help every day people like yourself get results using only tried & tested training methods.

Unlike a lot of other personal trainers in the industry, our trainers are truly educated, & experienced and have put in the time and work to hone our knowledge and practical hands on coaching skills.

Here are the Fit Stop we won’t just throw you into any fitness class and tell you to ‘keep up’ or give you some generic training program to do, our process is:

  • Listen to your goals
  • Take you through a functional movement assessment to see what we’re starting with and how best to start your training
  • Fix or correct any mobility, stability issues, muscle imbalances, postural issues before you go too hard on particular movements or exercises etc. (We can still train hard, but we also need to train SMART)
  • Teach you picture perfect training technique which will ensure you get ongoing progress without getting injured (this is actually not typically done and is what largely separates good trainers from the mediocre)
  • Deliver world class coaching and programming to ensure you’re getting the highest quality training experience

There are plenty of fitness gimmicks and fads out there marketing to people who don’t know any better, and alot of it is just training for the masses – get you in and out, bark out some random instructions to get you tired and hot and sweaty and repeat.

It is now more important than ever with our sedentary office worker lifestyles that we really pay attention to HOW we are training for long term results. We’ve seen countless cases of people coming to us after spending years doing inappropriate, ‘high intensity’ training with bad technique which has eventually caught up with them.

Its OK to train hard, and you NEED to for optimal results, but it needs to be build on a solid foundation and this is a big missing link for many people. Here at the Fit Stop we’ll show you how to train properly so you can get strong and fit without breaking down your body, there’s a science & methodology to it, (as well as an art form to it) which we  blend to give you the best coaching experience  possible.

To finally get you the results you want

Call us on 1800 024 994 OR register your details at the top of the page for a complimentary consultation and functional movement assessment