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Are you sick and tired of:


  • Being Out of Shape  
  • Feeling Uncomfortable With Your Body  
  • Not Being Able To Buy The Clothes You Like  
  • Big Chain Gyms Who Couldn’t Care Less About You Or The Results You Get  
  • EXPENSIVE and Unecessary 1-on-1 Personal Training Services Who Think Private Sessions Is The Only Way To Get Results  
  • Searching For a Fitness & Fat Loss Solution That Will Actually Work & Get You The Results You Want


Now there is a personal trainer Prahran & St Kilda East-  fitness and weight loss program that will work for you and get you results GUARANTEED! In fact, our entire team of personal trainers are the most dedicated and knowledgeable trainers that you will find in the local area, when it comes to getting real world fitness & fat loss results with everyday people just like you.

We offer private 1-on-1 personal training as well as our HUGELY popular Small Group Personal Training sessions. A little secret most of the other personal trainers in the area won’t tell you is that you’ll actually get BETTER results training in a small group (plus you’ll save a ton of money).

I guarantee you’ll work harder and enjoy training alot more when you can feed off the energy of a group with the same goals as yourself.

If losing weight, toning up and getting that killer body you have always wanted has been your goal, then we’ve got the fitness program that will work for you. Think about something for a minute, imagine if you KNEW you could have everything you needed to:

  • Lose That Excess Body Fat
  • Shed Those Extra Kilo’s
  • Tone Up Your Sagging Muscles
  • Jumpstart Your Metabolism
  • Feel Fitter, Stronger & Healthier Than Ever


Well that is exactly what you can accomplish when you sign up for one of our personal trainer Prahran fitness programs.

Let us help you improve the quality of your life and your most important assett – YOUR BODY & HEALTH

Your personal trainer Prahran is committed to helping you get results…

They are going to keep you accountable – bring your dedication, desire, and determination with you and that personal trainer will do everything possible to see ensure your nutrition and training schedule is dialled in.

They’re going to show you EXACTLY how to train to get weight loss and toning results – These aren’t generic aerobic classes for the masses, you will be coached SAFELY on how to train PROPERLY, and we’ll turn your body into a fat burning machine

They will push you beyond the past limits you reached – This is where our coaching skills as personal trainers come in to it, you have to know the right mindset and attitude characteristic which will GUARANTEE your success. This is where so many personal traines drop the ball.

They’ll guide you and instruct you every step of the way – We know you’re just a regular person who wants to get in shape, we don’t assume anything and we can get you going from scratch to set you on the path to lifelong fitness, health and a body you’ll always be proud of.


“I’ve lost over 14kg and feel fantastic”

Before I began personal training at The Fit Stop I was embarrassed about letting myself get so big, and felt I was in a spiral and I needed help getting out of it. I knew that going to the gym on my own was not going to get me the results I wanted.

Since starting on my weight loss journey I’ve lost over 14kg, I feel fantastic..stronger, more confidence, and a new self belief that I can control my weight and lose more weight when I put my mind to it.

I recently went on a snowboarding trip and felt better than ever being so much fitter and lighter!

Liz Smith
St Kilda East











So what are you waiting for? STOP PROCRASTINATING and invest in your fitness and health RIGHT NOW!

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