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If you have ever tried to lose weight through exercise and diet then you have no doubt been confused about it all. As a personal fitness trainer in Balaclava, here are the common myths and misunderstandings that I come across on a regular basis amongst everyday clients.

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One of the biggest myths about fat loss is the suggestion that you need to do more sessions of long, BORING cardio if you want to lose more fat. This could not be further from the truth, and so many people spend countless hours walking or running on a treadmill in the hope that if they keep going, they will get better results.

What a good personal fitness trainer in Balaclavaor a personal trainer in Prahran will tell you is that what you need to change your cardio workouts to interval style training, alternating high intensity with moderate intensity cardio, for around 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

High-intensity interval training creates a reaction in your body which means your metabolism is elevated for much longer. When compared to the old way of doing cardio, which only elevates your metabolism for one to two hours after a workout, you can easily see that intervals will give you a much better result. Doesn’t this sound much more appealing?

Also, it is important to combine your cardio workouts with adequate resistance/strength workouts in order to build muscle, which also enhances your ability to burn fat. Your Balaclava personal fitness trainer will be able to put together a customised program of exercises to suit your needs.

Another myth on fat loss is around how much you eat. Whilst your calorie intake is very important, it is also important not to cut your calories TOO MUCH. One of the biggest myths about calorie intake is that you need to reduce calories as much as possible in order to lose fat.

Whilst dramatically cutting back your calories will help you to lose weight initially, your metabolism will begin to drop right down with it. When your metabolism drops, you can be sure that the next time you eat, your body will do what ever it can to hang on to that food (in the form of stored fat) because you are literally starving yourself.

So when you go back to eating normally, not only will you put the weight back on, but because your metabolism has depleted, chances are you will put more weight on than when you started. It is important therefore to get the advice of a personal fitness trainer in Balaclava or a personal trainer in Elsternwick to make sure you keep your calorie intake at healthy level throughout your weight loss program.

Again, your Balaclava personal fitness trainer will be able to guide you on your nutrition to help you lose fat.

And finally, yet another myth about fat loss relates to spot reducing. Any good personal fitness trainer in Balaclava will tell you that you cannot spot reduce body fat. For example, if you’re after six pack abs, then all of the crunches and sit ups in the world are not going to help you get results.

The reason for this is because the way your body burns fat is based heavily on your genetics. So whilst you might want to lose that abdominal fat, you may find that you initially lose fat from other parts of the body instead. This is why it is important that your personal fitness trainer puts together a training program that exercises your entire body for maximum muscle toning and fat burning, and not just one or two body parts.

This is just a peek at the many more myths on fat loss going around. Be sure to speak to your Balaclava personal fitness trainer before undertaking any exercise or eating program, because it may be doing you more harm than good in the long run.

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