Check out this video of a recent (U.S) 60 minutes special on Sugar.

This is in light of ‘new research’ but this information has been known for a long time…

I personally think its the WORST ‘food’ you could eat for both health and body composition, and it is addictive like a drug.

If you are a regular consumer of sugar and processed foods in general (you’d be surprised at all the things they sneak sugar in to), a big part of success when changing your  habits is actually understanding WHY you’re trying to make these changes. The more you understand about sugar, and the ramifications it can have on you, the more likely you’ll have the discipline to stay away from it. Don’t just take my word for it, it’s important for you to ‘get it’ too.

Take 13 minutes out of your day and watch this video, it might be the catalyst for doing one of the most important things you could ever do for your health, prevention of disease and fat loss – eliminating SUGAR from your diet!



and if you liked the video and want to know more, I suggest you purchase this book from Amazon…


This is a great book, I must’ve first read it over 10 years ago now, it was written in the 1980’s!In fact i’m going to purchase it again.

You can purchase ‘Sugar Blues’ from Amazon by CLICKING HERE

Or if you’re an active client at The Fit Stop email me and I can order you a copy too.