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Find Out What The Big
Gyms In St Kilda Don’t Want You To Know About…

When it comes to getting results with your training, what the local gyms in St Kilda don’t want you to know is that the odds are stacked against you.

If you have ever been a member at a public gym in St Kilda or a gym in Brighton and stayed consistent for long enough then you would have encountered at least one of two things. Either you found you didn’t get the results you were after, or if you are one of the small percentage who did get some results (and well done!), then you would be familiar with seeing most of the other gym members – day in and day out, who even after months or even years of training looked exactly the same.

You see, the key reasons people fail to get fat loss results with their exercise plan, are not areas that the big gyms in St Kilda are providing solutions for. If you are training for weight loss and the desire to really transform the look of your body, the biggest keys to your success (in no particular order) will be

  • Consistency,
  • Exercise selection and programming,
  • Diet.

What a gym will provide you with is a place to go that is filled to the brim with fancy equipment. Beyond that and your initial “one size fits all’ program they design for you, you are very much left on your own and lost in a sea of thousands of other members. If I gave you a manual car to drive, and you didn’t know how to drive a manual, nor did you have proper directions to get where you were going – then effectively giving you the car is useless. You still need other skills and information to use it properly


The main ones you do see, the muscle bound guys walking around looking at themselves in the mirror? What you should know is these guys are genetically gifted individuals who get results just by thinking about exercise, not because they are given a superior service by the gym. They are not representative of YOU or ME or 99% of the people who exercise to lose weight.

With a good personal training program, the factors that I mentioned above which are the vital keys in determining your success, should all be addressed:

  • Consistency – you will have scheduled sessions with a Personal Trainer (This one factor alone has been proven to make you much more likely to stick with your training). You will be made accountable to someone other than yourself, and you will have external support and motivation.
  • Exercise selection and programming – An experienced and educated personal trainer will give you cutting edge, enjoyable, and most importantly effective exercise programs customised to YOU and YOUR GOALS.
  • Diet – Your personal trainer should be making sure your diet is all figured out and not left to chance. Failing to address this is a common and sure-fire path to NO RESULTS that gyms in St Kilda are not addressing.

Have a look around a Gym in St Kilda or a Gym in Elsternwick and you will see that the majority of gym members are wasting their money and getting no results at all. In fact, most of the personal trainers there are just glorified gym instructors with very little experience or passion to get you results.

Contrast that with a personal training program that specialises in weight loss, which offers you a Money Back Guarantee if you don’t get results and the difference is clear.

One is focused on MEMBERSHIPS and the other is focused on RESULTS



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