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How Many Reps For Best Fat Loss Results?

How Many Reps For Best Fat Loss Results?

By Katrina Laczoffy Just take a moment to think back to one of your first visits to a gym on your own. Did you have training goals? Perhaps it was to increase lean muscle or to drop your body fat...

Gut Health – The Key To Weight Loss And Health?

Gut Health – The Key To Weight Loss And Health?

What is gut flora? Your gut flora refers to the makeup of bacteria that resides in your gut, lines your intestines and helps you digest food (amongst a myriad of other things it now seems). The gut...

Key Elements Of An Effective Warm Up (in 2015) Part 2

Key Elements Of An Effective Warm Up (in 2015) Part 2

In part 1 of this article, we explained the concepts of ‘passive’ and ‘active’ warm ups, foam rolling and self myofascial release. We also covered stretches and mobility drills to help clean up your...

Exercise Recovery & Post-Workout Nutrition

Exercise Recovery & Post-Workout Nutrition

Whilst its very important to train hard whilst we’re at the gym, (like most things, the harder you work the better results you will get), its important NOT to forget the other side of the equation,...


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