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Anti-Ageing Exercise

Anti-Ageing Exercise

Most people, when they think of ‘getting fit’, they think of cardiovascular fitness as the most important thing. Whilst this is important, is can be a very one dimensional and limited way of looking...

What is functional training anway?…

What is functional training anway?…

Functional training is one of those terms that we all hear a lot these days, although if you ask most people what functional training actually is, most people are quite unsure. You could even ask 10...

Nutritious Movement

Nutritious Movement

By Ben Longley ‘Nutritious movement’ or ‘Nutritious exercise’ is not a term or concept most people would have heard of, much less thought about, however if you take the time to grasp this concept it...

How Many Reps For Best Fat Loss Results?

How Many Reps For Best Fat Loss Results?

By Katrina Laczoffy Just take a moment to think back to one of your first visits to a gym on your own. Did you have training goals? Perhaps it was to increase lean muscle or to drop your body fat...

Gut Health – The Key To Weight Loss And Health?

Gut Health – The Key To Weight Loss And Health?

What is gut flora? Your gut flora refers to the makeup of bacteria that resides in your gut, lines your intestines and helps you digest food (amongst a myriad of other things it now seems). The gut...


1 on 1 Personal Training

A completely individualized service with the focus and attention on YOU from start to finish.

Group Training Sessions

We run small group PT sessions every morning and evening, consisting of between 4-8 people.

Functional movement screen

The Functional Movement Screen is a world renowned ranking & grading system.


Our personal and group training is for people who want to…

Lose Body Fat

Increase Lean Muscle

Increase Functional Strength

Optimise Your Movement

Learn How To Move

Dramatically Improve Fitness

Get Healthy

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Ben Longley

Ben Longley is the owner and one of the personal trainers here at The Fit Stop...

Matt Cooper

Matt has a certificate IV in Fitness, and is an accredited Level 1 coach with the ASCA...

Ethen Kauiers

Ethen has a fascination with all things related to the human body, health & fitness...

Adam Hutton

Adam is a true ‘student of the game’ and loves learning, teaching & coaching...

Tara Moore

Tara has a cert 3 & 4 in personal training, Masters degree in Health Promotion...

Cyrus Kauiers

Cyrus likes to utilise a blend of traditional strength training, functional training...

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