Posture basically refers to the body’s alignment and positioning, and the demands it places on our joints, muscles and other connective tissues. When you have good posture, it allows you to distribute the force [...]

Fat Loss, Metabolism & Meal Templates

The number 1 rule encompassing everything you do to lose weight comes down to this… Energy expenditure VS Energy consumption With energy in regards to the way our body’s use it typically measured in Calories or […]

Great Video on Nutrition

This is a great video, very engaging and informative. It’s about the concept of  ‘Paleo eating’, or only eating foods that were available to Paleolithic men & women, whilst avoiding modern day processed foods. […]

Can Protein Help You Lose Weight?

It seems many people are a little unsure about protein – and think that eating protein or drinking protein shakes will make them fat. When it comes to losing body fat, and really making […]

The Perfect Training Session….

I’ve just calculated that I’ve completed close to 10,000 personal training and group training sessions – seems like a lot! But I still really enjoy training people, its still fun for me. I think […]