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About The Fit Stop


The Fit Stop, located at 240 Inkerman St, St Kilda East, is a personal training and group training facility where people come to lose body fat, tone up, get strong and get real fitness results.

We work with our clients either in private 1-on-1 sessions or in our specialized small group  personal training sessions.

We run multiple group personal training sessions every weekday morning and evening, as well as Saturday mornings. (you don’t have to form your own group)

Our trainers here at The Fit Stop specialize in helping regular everyday people lose weight, tone up, and greatly increase fitness and strength levels through metabolic strength training and interval training. (if you’ve never heard these terms before, don’t worry we’ll give you a thorough rundown of everything when you come to meet us for your free consultation.)

Our aim is to provide a fun, energetic, non intimidating and friendly environment for people to train, whilst pushing our clients to get results and be the best they can be using only the most effective, and proven training methods.

We know that nutrition plays a huge role in the success of any fitness program, and this is where the alot of the fitness industry drops the ball. Here at The Fit Stop we’ll address both your training and nutrition to ensure you get results and we’ll provide as much support and accountability as possible to keep you on the right track.

Our personal trainers are constantly learning and evolving to create a better service for our clients, better support and striving for better results.

We recognise the need in the personal training industry for a QUALITY group personal training facility, we know that not everybody needs 1-on-1 private training to exercise effectively, a lot of people can’t afford it & it prices many people out of the help they need, which isn’t fair…

The fact is that once you’ve reached a basic level of competency with your fitness and training technique, many people get BETTER results when training as a part of a small group.

When training with other like-minded people, you’ll push yourself harder, feed off the energy of the group and benefit from the social support – not only that but it’s a lot more fun, and cost effective, so you can train more often and get even better and faster results.

Of course we still believe there is a need for 1-on-1 training in certain circumstances, and we have plenty of clients who train this way if they:

– Are completely new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a very long time
– Have individualised goals which are harder to accommodate for in a group,
– Have pre-existing injuries or restrictions
– They just prefer the 1-on-1 environment and attention, and feel they get more from this.

Whichever boat you’re in, we’ll have a solution for you, so if you want to lose weight, tone up and get in the best shape of you life then contact us today for a complimentary consultation and assessment.


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