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Personal Training, Small Group Training & Health Coaching
To Help You:

* Increase Functional Strength & Total Body Fitness Under Expert Guidance & Coaching

* Get Healthy & Lose Weight Without Strict Diets & Extreme Workouts

* Achieve Long Term Sustainable Results Without Breaking Your Body In The Process

* Optimise Your Body, Health & Wellness Both Inside & Out

If you’re struggling with your health & fitness, finding it hard to make progress with your training or don’t know exactly how to get the results you want or even where to begin…

If you’re not sure how to exercise properly, using correct form and safe technique and it is holding you back

If you’ve struggled with niggling aches, pains and injuries from previous training attempts, a sitting-all-day desk job, a sedentary lifestule or poor posture…

Or if you’re just serioous about your training, and want to take things to the next level, under the guidance of experienced, educated, higher level coaches, the Fit Stop can help.

Located on Inkerman St in St Kilda East, and established over 10 years ago, we offer both personal training/health coaching and small group training.


Personal Training/COaching

Either one-to-one or in pairs, our PT sessions run for 60mins. With a customised program designed around your goals & assessment, along with expert guidance & coaching from start to finish.

Small Group Training

We run several small group PT sessions every day (max 6ppl). These sessions have a general focus on mobility, functional movement, strength training & general physical fitness.

Functional movement ASSESSMENT

This helps us to train safely & get optimal results with our program & exercise selection. Its like a ‘roadworthy check’ for your body. This tells us the quality of your movement, risk for injury & limitations & weaknesses that might be holding you back.


Our personal and group training is for people who want to…

Lose Body Fat

Increase Lean Muscle

Increase Functional Strength

Optimise Your Movement

Learn How To Move

Dramatically Improve Fitness

Get Healthy

Change Your Habits


High quality coaching from educated and experienced personal trainers who have worked with literally hundreds of clients over the last 10 years.
A high energy, fun and EFFECTIVE training session which you won’t get at other big chain gyms.
Training methods that will help you drop body fat, increase lean muscle (tone up)and greatly improve your strength & fitness.
A spacious 300m2 personal training studio with a friendly, supportive and down to earth environment.
Accountability to keep you on track.
As much nutrition guidance & support as you need to help you maximize your training and results.
Tried & tested training methods that are effective and based on proven scientific principles and real world experience.
‘Functional’ fitness that will have you feeling stronger, fitter, leaner and looking better than you have in years.
Expert Instruction so you know you’re exercising the right way and not learning bad habits & technique!


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